Commingled Recycling

Commingled Recycling

To provide our customers with “reliable, affordable sustainability” every day, Budget Waste Services has dedicated commingle collections that provide a mixed recycling option for steel cans, plastic bottles, glass containers and milk bottles. We carefully work with our customers to assist you to choose the right bin and service method to maximise your recycling potential and can even supply source separation bins for your office and kitchens that allow staff to easily dispose of recycling simply, avoiding landfill.  One of our friendly staff can assess your waste and recycling requirements providing your business with the best plan for recycling assisting your company to meet its sustainability goals.

Please note that commingle collections vary per state and are available based on disposal options.



What we accept

Our Commingled recycling service only accepts the following products:

Milk cartons
Plastic bottles
Aluminium cans
Glass containers and jars
Steel cans

We ask that you wash any residues out of the containers first and that they are empty when placed in the bin. Please keep the lid closed at all times and do not overload the bin or additional fees may apply.

We do not accept in the Commingled recycling bin any:

No General household or business rubbish
No food wrappers
No food
No Liquid waste
No Prescribed or hazardous wastes
No Flammable waste
No Asbestos
No Tyres
No Mattresses or hard bulky rubbish items

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