Manufacturing - Case study

Budget Waste Services is committed to providing our clients with reliable, affordable sustainability solutions and this includes the Australian manufacturing Industry where most companies are under scrutiny to meet their zero waste to landfill targets, sometimes set by their global head offices.

With sustainability in mind we work to audit your production facilities to get a strong understanding of how waste and recycling is generated, how this differs per production line or facility on the production floor and the footprint the waste and recycling streams travel to understand your time and costs spent managing the process.

Our dedicated strategic account managers establish opportunities to maximise your recycling output, any possible reductions in material handling and the most cost efficient way to disposal. This includes looking at source separation systems, any new technologies and innovations as well as specialized equipment for rubbish and waste collections.

To assist your company to achieve its sustainability goals, Budget Waste Management understands that a successful recycling campaign needs to be supported by a successful education program. We train and develop your staff to make the right choices, understand the waste management and recycling processes, their impact on the environment and to be empowered to train the trainer and pass key messaging after the campaign to ensure the positive culture we create around sustainability good recycling choices continues long into the term of the contract. We support our clients with tool box meetings, coaching and mentoring sessions and educational materials as part of our educational delivery.

Services we can provide for the Manufacturing industry include:

  • General waste
  • Paper and Cardboard recycling
  • Secure document destruction
  • Commingled recycling
  • Soft plastics recycling
  • Quarantine waste
  • Liquid waste disposal
  • Timber recycling
  • Steel recycling
  • Organic recycling
  • Secure Product destruction

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