As businesses look at ways to save money and further recover waste from landfill it’s the organic wastes we produce that incur the highest costs for disposal due to the weights when disposed. Organic matter also when disposed in landfill produces methane gases, thus diverting organic wastes from landfill is good for the environment.  To enable Budget Waste Services to deliver “reliable, affordable sustainability” solutions we provide our customers with a range of waste management solutions for organics. Our customers can choose from traditional rubbish & waste collections that take the discarded food wastes to compost disposal, waste to energy in NSW or our recycling company can work with you to look at other technologies available for onsite solutions including commercial waste removal where you have larger volumes.

We provide the following organics services:


120 lt


660 lt



What we accept

Our Organics recycling service only accepts the following food products:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Processed foods
  • Bread and bakery items

We ask that you keep the lid closed at all times, keep the bin clean and do not overload the bin or additional fees may apply.

We do not accept in the Organics recycling bin any:

  • No Shellfish
  • No bones
  • No meats
  • No food wrapping, strings or tags
  • No General household or business rubbish
  • No Bottles or containers
  • No Liquid waste
  • No Prescribed or hazardous wastes
  • No Flammable waste
  • No Asbestos
  • No Tyres
  • No Mattresses or hard bulky rubbish items

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