Budget Waste Services provides customers with a total waste management solution that includes liquid waste disposal and other hazardous waste & rubbish collections including medical and hygiene services, commercial waste removal. Our recycling company have the right Industry based knowledge and expertise to provide a competitive price and bundle these services into a single invoice and single account manager, saving you time and money managing your waste.

Providing piece of mind that all environmental regulations are adhered to and certification provided we will work with you to ensure your schedules, especially if time sensitive or an emergency are met in a responsive manor and that all wastes where recoverable will be recycled.

We provide a range of services including:


Grease Trap collection

We understand that many businesses especially those in the food, manufacturing and industrial Industries produce fat, oils and other wastes that cannot go down the storm water outlet due to environmental requirements. These wastes are therefore separated into grease trap and triple interceptor tanks that must be serviced under their trade waste schedule.  If not serviced on time customers face hefty fines from authorities and run the risk of back run of odours and spillages which could be very expensive and disruptive to your business.

If your business is looking for a reliable service, full trap cleaning and responsible disposal of your waste that’s fully tracked and certified contact us for a no obligation quote.



Budget Waste Services provides 1m Quarantine bins for removal of wastes under strict quarantine conditions across many sectors including airports, logistics operations and ports. All waste is collected and disposed under the required AQIS regulations. A certificate of disposal can be provided to the client with the collection fully tracked on our app based technology.



Budget Waste Services can bundle your first aid or medical requirements into one simple contract. We provide a full suite of medical services to the Industrial, Healthcare, medical professional and pharmaceutical Industries.

Services we provide include:

  • Clinical Waste disposal and container supply
  • Sharps disposal and container supply
  • Cytotoxic disposal and container supply
  • Bulk pharmaceutical disposal including witness burns

We work with various suppliers to assist our clients with the right containers for their needs and back this up with training and support to ensure correct usage.


Drum and IBC Collections

Budget waste services as part of our total waste solution to customers can collect and dispose of your drums and IBC in a environmentally compliant manor. Performed by an EPA licensed operator we collect your waste drums and take them to a licensed disposal facility for the category of wastes presented by the customer to be processed, ensuring all resources are removed and recycled.

All collections are certified inline with EPA regulations with documentation provided to the customer.

Budget Waste staff will work with you to get all the required data for acceptance into the recycling plant prior to collection.



Budget Waste Services can bundle your hygiene into the waste contract where the customer gets one invoice and one account manager to deal with, saving time and money. Odour control and hygiene is essential to any business as you can be judged on your washroom presentation. We work with you to assess the right products that work to control odour and ensure your collections are performed on time to the schedule. As washroom hygiene is often only an issue once something runs out or over flows were here to ensure your washrooms present well to staff, visitors and the public.

We can supply:

  • Sanitary units
  • Soap dispensers
  • Air fresheners and odour control units
  • Toilet sanitisers
  • Deep cleaning
  • Waterless urinal products

Product destruction

Budget Waste Services can offer Bulk collection and secure disposal of products which can go to various facilities for either deep burial or complete shredding and recycling.  Our disposal locations are secure, all disposal is performed under supervision and is fully certified providing you with piece of mind, protecting your brand.  We can respond quickly to recalls, bulk disposal of uniforms, liquids, food products, bonded items  and packaging just to name a few. This is a specialised service that requires extensive Industry based expertise and knowledge to align the right balance of cost with the correct disposal method. Let Budget Waste Services take care of this for you.

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