Warehousing - Case study

A rapidly expanding industry in Australia is Third party logistics as the demand for online shopping, imported products and emerging International retailers is ever increasing. As consumers now seek quick delivery times on products and new International brands set up home in Australia, Budget Waste Services is here to provide customers in this Industry with reliable, affordable sustainability solutions and the majority of their waste is recyclable.

Packaged waste due to the nature of 3PL operations when picking produces large volumes of cardboard and soft plastic volumes. Companies are complex as can often support a single or multiple brands onsite and required specialized support and strategic direction on how they can recover valuable recycling materials and maximise returns on the commodity.

We support the Warehousing and Logistics Industry with strategic advice on how correctly set up your operations to capture recycling materials and separate at the source of production, we work in partnership to provide the right source separation bins and systems to easily transport materials, reducing rotations and specialized equipment to handle high volumes in bulk thus reducing costs and ultimately maximising rebates.

Services we can provide for the Warehousing and Logistics industry include:

  • General waste
  • Waste Management
  • Rubbish & Waste Collection
  • Paper and Cardboard recycling
  • Secure document destruction
  • Commingled recycling
  • Soft Plastics recycling
  • Quarantine waste
  • Oil disposal and lubricants
  • Timber recycling
  • Steel recycling
  • Organic recycling
  • E-waste recycling

Our cloud based iWaste software allows for 24/7 access to your schedules, bookings and reporting for simplified online management and bookings as these operations are generally 24/7 themselves.

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