General Waste

General Waste

At Budget Waste Services waste avoidance and saving our customers money on waste disposal is our priority, especially as we understand these costs are often increasing for businesses. Working with our customers to promote good recycling practices, we understand that at times there will be residual wastes to be disposed of. No matter your budget we service 120lt to 31m sized bins from our fleet of Rear lift, Front lift and Hook lift vehicles 6 days a week and will work with you to find a solution that suits your businesses needs and waste volumes.




Waste Management Melbourne

What we accept

General waste is any product you wish to dispose of that’s not recyclable and can include:

General business or household rubbish
Food wrappers
Waxed cardboard or paper items
Discarded food items
Discarded textiles
Tea bag strings and plastic cutlery

We ask that you keep the lid closed at all times and do not overload the bin or additional fees may apply.

We do not accept in the general waste bin any:

Liquid waste
Prescribed or hazardous wastes
Flammable waste
Mattresses or hard bulky rubbish items

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