We are committed to improving our environmental performance and to demonstrate good environmental practice across all our operations. Our world is going through several changes; we understand that our natural resources are finite and thus need to look at ways to use these more efficiently. Developing less waste in production cycles and more new resources in the form of materials and energy extracted from waste and end-of-life products is what our sustainability platform is based upon.

We are working towards several goals to reduce water and energy usage, improve waste management and promote awareness of environmental issues throughout the organisation. Being “Green” is more than just separating our waste streams, we approach sustainability in everything we do; from the way we do business to our work in our local community.

We are accountable for the environmental sustainability performance of our own and our clients’ operations and take our environmental regulatory and other obligations seriously.We are committed to leading our industry to a more sustainable future by implementing waste solutions and technologies that help our clients’ consumption and educate the community on best ways to reduce, recycle and reuse their waste.

We are committed to:

  • Assessing our eco footprint to identify impacts and move towards more sustainable practices
  • Identifying waste streams and options for more effective waste management
  • Using objectives and targets to continually improve environmental performance
  • Working with appropriate licenses/permits from Environmental Protection Authorities.
  • Improving education and awareness.
  • We believe that good environmental management is the hallmark of modern business.
  • Employees and contractors must also comply with the relevant environmental workplace practices.
  • Lessons learned from the past are the actions we implement for a sustainable future.